Use Content Sharing Sites for a Domain Authority Boost

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A blast from the past: this post was originally published back in 2011. Things change but they also stay the same. This strategy is still important today, but the target sites have changed. Small content distributors were acquired, and sites like Medium and LinkedIn are the “blog hubs” of today, while sites like Instagram are used to serve ‘stories’ about people and businesses.

The original title even mentions ‘Page Rank’ which isn’t even used by Google these days. We changed it to Domain Authority, which is widely used in 2020 as a great indicator of domain strength.

Old Title: Use Content Sharing Sites for a Big Page Rank Boost

I’ve talked to many people who recommend writing unique content and posting it on content sharing sites such as and By linking back to your website from posts on those content hubs, Google will think you are important indeed.

I have actually put this into practice for a couple blog posts that I wanted to optimize for a certain supplement that will remain nameless, but which we will call “acai” for the purpose of discussion.

By creating useful pages about acai and linking them back to some acai pages on my own website, I quickly saw my SERP rankings rise for my website’s pages. To this day the Squidoo and HubPages pages do not outrank my pages for those keywords.

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